Bangalore city is rightly called as the Garden City with a wide array of parks and gardens which are spread all over the city increasing the beauty of the city. Not just this, the city has been adorned with many interesting yet suitable names. Pub City, Shopper's Hot Spot, Silicon Valley, Shopper's Paradise, Pub Hopper's Paradise, Gourmet's Delight, Air-conditioned City, etc are a few other names which Bangalore has been awarded with. With a growing tribe of cyclists, Bangalore is definitely showing the way for sustained transport. Read more about Bangalore and its immersive cycling destinations.


Monsoon Mania in Farms

Delhi has so much to offer, even the Kerala waali feeling sometimes

Ride to Agrasen Ki Baoli

The hidden treasure from Delhi's glorious history

To eat or not to eat during a ride?

Thinking about this question means you are now a cyclist ready to burn the miles and some calories

Finding roots at the Roots Cafe - Gurgaon

The delectable food at Roots Cafe is the perfect destination for a long ride While the food quality remains same throughout the day at...

The Helmet Conundrum

Wearing Helmet while cycling, not just improves your safety but also earns your respect on Indian roads

Cyclist or a Mechanic or Both?

Cycling is much more than exquisite breakfast rides and Instagram pics, it's an exploration!

Leh to Kharu - Riding at 13500 feet

Kharu - A small town 40 kms from Leh is nice riding destination for cyclists

Delhi by Country Side

Short ride to village Kanjhawla and its farms in Delhi. Delhi has lot more to offer!

Life lessons I learnt from Cycling

Cycling is not just a sport but a connection between you and nature

Leh, Weekend, Indus River and bikes - Life is sorted!

80 kms of flat roads from Leh to Himya, yes that's a luxury for bikers in Himalayas!

Start with Strava - the ultimate app for cycling

Any discussion for cycle rides is incomplete without mentioning the Strava App

Adventure at Pedalers Village - Gurgaon

Ride to satisfy the adrenaline requirements on a weekend The Gurgaon-Faridabad road offers extreme adventure for both cyclists and...

Cycling Destinations in the City