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From binge watch to binge ride

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The ultimate cycling guide to plan your rides for Indian cities

I can say, for the uninitiated, cycling in India can be little intimidating. Traffic, chaos, driving manners and the road quality are some of the key reasons with the main one being lack of respect for the cyclists. Bigger the vehicle, even bigger the ego.

So how do you conquer these challenges and begin your cycling journey?

डर के आगे जीत है

Don't worry, this is not a motivational lecture but rather a guide filled with practical solutions. Lets tackle our first problem - The Traffic. Easiest solution is to ride early morning to avoid all the city traffic. If you find it difficult to get up early after Netflix binge or belly with beer, then the second best solution is to go out of cities to find roads where the traffic generally low. Get yourself a nice cycle carrier for car.

The other real problem is how to gel with the traffic and keep your safe. Well, the solution I have found for this challenge, is to look like a professional cyclist. Its easy, get yourself cyclist T-shirt/jersey, a helmet and short. Try to get bright colored T-shirt. With this look you will get extra respect from fellow citizens on road. Some of them will try click your pictures thinking about you being a celebrity or an athlete. Quite regularly people click selfies with me and sometimes even policeman ask for a quick photo. Cycling attire increases both your visibility and safety.

Now lets talk about another key challenge, how to get up early for rides. Yeah, I know after watching Dark on Netflix, its difficult to get up early because you time travel in dreams for whatever little sleep you get. The easiest solution to get up early is to find fellow rider (s). Join a cycling group or motivate a friend to take up cycling with you. Believe me, helping a friend to buy a cycle that generally gets used for drying clothes later, is a feeling our of the world. So get yourself cyclist friends or convert few of your existing ones.

And with this, your problems are solved. I am sure you are already looking forward to the Tour De India. Pedal up!

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