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The Helmet Conundrum

Wearing Helmet while cycling, not just improves your safety but also earns your respect on Indian roads

In our cities, where police have to force people to wear helmets on Motor bikes, a cyclist (mainly beginners) also always in a dilemma due to social perceptions. Generally the experienced cyclists wear helmets for safety, the uninitiated ones are a bit reluctant.

A good quality helmet is definitely a must and makes even more sense in Indian cities.

Wearing helmets increase not just safety but also enabled the cyclist to be more visible on roads. Always choose a colorful helmet unless you can't just move from black and grey. I have noticed that people respect you more if you are wearing proper cycling gear and a helmet. And in our cities, some fellow road travelers may even mistake you for a celebrity. So here's your chance to be safe and famous at the same time.

You can get a decent quality helmet for around Rs 1500 to 2000 at Decathlon and other local shops. Depending on your speed and safety requirements you may plan to spend more as well.

Rule the road, but first wear the crown!

In case you are new to cycling, read our blog here for guidance.

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