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Life lessons I learnt from Cycling

Cycling is not just a sport but a connection between you and nature

Cycling is the purest form of transport and has been there since ages. There is no bigger fascination than a child getting the first cycle. The connection with cycling stays forever and compared to us, western nations have kept the culture alive and growing.

Each and every ride teaches us lessons which are not just apt for cycling but our lives too


You simply cannot initiate and complete a task without being truly committed. Cycling too requires persistent commitment. Getting up early, planning for that 50 km ride, preparing your bike before ride are the tasks that need sincere commitment. Even if you ride casually, still getting out would need commitment and strong will.

Friendship is needed for balanced life

In life, you need good friends for your overall growth and balanced approach. Similarly for cycling, while you can ride solo, having friends who are also riders, offers great possibilities. Having your friends with on a ride gives you support, feeling of safety and fun comes as a byproduct.

Don't compare yourself with others

Almost everyday, multiple times, we compare ourselves with others over material things and life status. This results in frustration and lower moral. In cycling, there are riders with different physical strength and mental make up. I enjoy speedy 80 kms rides but one of my friend enjoys casual 20 km rides. I like single speed/gear cycle and my friends flaunt their multi-gear cycles. It teaches us the value of diversity and difference. Always compete with your previous ride and not others.

There is always a next ride

We often face rejections and difficulties in our professional and personal life. There are days when you cannot ride because of rain or a puncture or a mechanical failure. But then there is always a next day, a next ride which teaches us the value to look forward. One bad ride doesn't define your life therefore always appreciate the 'now' and plan for next.

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