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Cycling safety tricks that work in India

The survival of the brightest is probably a better saying about cycling in our cities

Cyclists are definitely the growing tribe in India but risk levels are not going down anytime soon. With the chaotic roads, the survival and safety is something that we have to manage by ourselves. Few tricks and tips are given here to keep yourself safe while riding.

Brightest is the best

Wear bright colored T-shirts and lower/shorts. Parrot green, Orange, blue are best options to wear. If possible choose a bright colored cycle too for added visibility. Install both front and back lights can keep them on all the time for better visibility. You can buy colorful bibs as well for added spark. Always remember, drivers here tend to ignore existence of cyclists and therefore by wearing bright colors, you put an imprint in their retinas.

It may sound crude, but adding few reflective tapes can save you especially in dark.

Head to the top

A good quality helmet is absolutely compulsory for riding anywhere. Get yourself a colorful and bright helmet for visibility and safety. And here's the added bonus - Wearing a helmet improves not just your safety but also respect on the roads. I have been asked by road travelers and even policeman for selfies thinking I am some athlete.

Social distancing

Yes, this is the buzz in town due to Corona but distancing can save you while cycling too. While overtaking stationary vehicle, keep at least three feet distance. We have some characters here, who do not look at the back while opening doors. And even if they look, we do not accept existence of cyclists on the road anyway. So keep away from both stationary and moving vehicles.

Whether the weather

Well, this is not to twist your tongue but to remind you about safety for different weather. During summers, keep yourself hydrated. During rainy season, be wary of potholes as those can be extremely dangerous. The roads also tend to get slippery and therefore mind your speed and surroundings. During winters, fog is a challenge therefore avoid riding in case the visibility is low. Always remember, riding is for fun and you can continue with the fun only when you are safe.

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