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Solving Beginner's Dilemma

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Okay so you are impressed with cyclists for their fancy machines and athletic clothing or you simply want to get fit. Lets get rolling!

Cycling is the first true sport for anyone during early years. The charm of first cycle is above any other possession. I remember my first cycle, Avon Ranger which felt like a fighter plane.

As we grow up, the love for cycles doesn't really fade away, its the lifestyle, comfort and the traffic situation in our cities that put people off. When I first started cycling, lot of my friends and family members expressed their concern but over few years, I have learnt that if you follow few basic rules, cycling is safe and a great sport.

The first requirement is to get a good cycle. There are many international (Trek, Giant, Lapierre & others) and local brands (Firefox, Sunkross, Hero & others) to choose from. While there are technically many types of cycles, for beginner's view, there are three types

  • Road Bike -

  • These are generally meant for experienced riders who are looking for long distance rides as the rolling is better due to slim tyres.

  • The position is committed to avoid wind resistance and therefore rider is bent forward.

  • While you can start with these, but the recommendation is to gain riding experience for atleast six months before graduating to a road bike.

  • The entry level road bikes are generally expensive than other type entry level bikes typical starts at around 25K.

  • Mountain Bikes -

  • While the name suggests mountain, these are increasingly being used in cities due to the comfort they offer.

  • Seating position is upright and ride is comfortable due to wider tyres.

  • Mountain bike is a good option for beginners looking for options.

  • Decent option starts at around 15K.

  • Hybrid Bikes -

  • These combine best of both worlds i.e. comfort and option to ride long distances.

  • Hybrids have slimmer tyre profiles and an upright position for comfort.

  • These are best suited for for both beginners and experienced rides.

  • Pricing range starts at around 15K for good quality ones.

  • Geared or Non-Geared -

  • For beginners, especially riding in city, a single speed or non-geared bike is best suited.

  • Technically speaking, gears are only needed when you are ascending on hill or flyover.

  • Single speeds require less maintenance compared to geared ones.

  • You can get single speeds in both Mountain and Hybrid options but generally, the road bikes comes with geared option.

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