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Ride to Agrasen Ki Baoli

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The hidden treasure from Delhi's glorious history

Okay, so I have to say this! The first time you enter Agresen Ki Baoli, the feeling of getting mesmerized would be an understatement. This hidden architecture of art is completely unexpected based on the surrounding areas and is less than a KM away from the famous Connaught Place.

A protected monument

The Agrasen or Ugrasen Ki Baoli is one of the surviving ancient stepwells in Delhi. It is now protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India

Argrasen Ki Baoli is definitely an architecture marvel and has three stories and 108 steps which goes down to well. There are folk stories about this place being haunted which adds to the overall excitement. These stype of Baolis were created to preserver water during the ancient days.

Around the Area

Located close to Connaught Place and India Gate, the Agrasen Ki Baoli lets you dive into the glorious years of Indian architecture. As a bonus, you can go to Hanuman Mandir and enjoy masala chai with garma garm Kachodi.

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