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Delhi by Country Side

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Short ride to village Kanjhawla and its farms in Delhi. Delhi has lot more to offer!

The breeze, the greens, the weather, everything was pristine!

Delhi is not just about pollution, buildings and political kings! Its also about nature, heritage and musings. And what is better than a cycle ride to experience its legacy and aura!

Three of us friends rode through nature and managed to spend some time around sugarcane farms. Compared to usual hustle in Delhi, this place is serene and had a sense of stillness which is much needed during these days of chaos. Cycling adds up to the connect with nature as it is travelling in its purest form.

Kanjhawla village is in outer Delhi area and has nice roads for cycling through farm lands. Some roads from. You can go via Delhi Rohtak road, though the road quality isnt good for around 2 to 3 kms. Or you can go via Rohini.

Our Cycles

I personally ride a BikeARK fixie which is as pure cycling as it can be. My friend Tarun rides a Decathlon MTB Rockrider 520 which is actually better suited for some of the roads there. Pawan cycled the hybrid Firefox which is good for both worlds.

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