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Garma Garm Chai and fun at Rajpath

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The song Delhi ki Sardi may sound a little cheesy but the Garma Garm chai at Hanuman Mandir should be on your list

The depth of political debates at the Chai stall near Hanuman Mandir in Connaught place can baffle you. Its a combination of prime time by Ravish and Arnab.

One of the gentleman was explaining about the need of balance between right and left leaning politics and how not one alone is perfect solution for our country

The Chai stall at Hanuman Mandir is always beaming with crowds and the chai itself is pure bliss. And believe me, Kachori with Chai is better than icing on the cake. Go there any morning and you will see the diverse culture of our fascinating country.

Rajpath is Royal

Rajpath has become the defacto destination of Delhi-NCR cyclists. Especially on the weekends, you will find cyclists, runners and kids training for stakes. The view from Rajpath is simply breathtaking and your proximity to south block will let you feel the power of politics.

Our Cycles

I ride a BikeARK fixie which is as pure cycling as it can be. Kapil rides best MTB in its price, the Terrain 10 and Tarun zooms on his Decathlon MTB Rockrider 520.

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