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Cyclist or a Mechanic or Both?

Cycling is much more than exquisite breakfast rides and Instagram pics, it's an exploration!

Imagine this, you are on a 50 km ride away from your home, early morning and the tyre pressure is gone. You realize this can be a puncture or low air pressure. The fun element can immediately turn into frustration. Learning about basic technical stuff can save the day for you.

Learn the basics

You should be aware of key components and their possible issues. Keep your chain healthy by regular cleaning and oiling. Notice any wear and tear in the tyres and replace as soon as you find even a small issue. Check the brakes before any ride and make sure they are working fine.

Inspect all the moving parts and check if there are any loose components that needs to be tightened up.

Tools are your best friend

There are few key tools that should be part of your ride. The advanced cycles these days carry components that needs special tools and you do not get those at local shops in some cases.

Carry a portable pump, few Allen/Hex Keys and puncture repair kit. You can buy these at Decathlon or shop that sells good quality cycles.

Its not Quantum Mechanics

You can easily learn to do basic repair by yourself and it comes in handy during long rides. Finding a good mechanic is a luxury these days especially with cycles having cutting edge technology for performance. Your local mechanic can teach and show you basics of cycle repair. And its actually fun to work on your own cycle and be a part of the machine.

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