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Ride to Dandi March Statue

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The legacy of our freedom fighters preserved in the heart of Delhi

Designed by famous sculptor Devi Prasad Choudhury, the statue shows the leadership of Gandhi and his followers from all parts of the society in terms of caste and class. The other statues following Gandhi do not represent any specific person but common citizens.

Lutyens Delhi

Edwin Lutyens famously said: Every garden scheme should have a backbone, a central idea beautifully phrased. Every wall, path, stone and flower should have its relationship to the central idea. There will never be great architects or architecture without great patrons.

This sculpture right in the heart of Delhi speaks about the true heritage of our nations and its leaders. The whole area has beautiful roads and gardens. A heaven for cyclists, this place offers picturesque scenes that looks right out of legacy. If lucky, you may see presidents body guards on their beautiful horses. Cross your fingers before starting from home.

Around the area

You can go to India Gate for the additional pleasure of cycling or go to Connaught Place to enjoy breakfast at its famous eating joints. The ride at Rajpath is as royal as it can get and you will see lot of fellow cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.

My Cycle

I ride a BikeARK fixie which is as pure cycling as it can be. And in any case you don't need gears on Delhi's plain roads.

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