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Monsoon Mania in Farms

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Delhi has so much to offer, even the Kerala waali feeling sometimes

Life isn't about waiting for the Storm to pass Its learning to dance in the rain

Midst the heat in capital, you would think twice to go out except in your swanky AC cars, blasting the AC of course. On the other hand, an amateur like me is getting his shorts and sleeves up to hurt my bum again. Just to get the pleasant view of Delhi's outskirts area. Dichau Najafgarh road is closer to Haryana borders, so you can expect the same flavour here.

I have been trying different roads from past weeks and this time it was Dichau Village. West Delhi have its own pleasures of driving off-road on NH 10 highway (Pun Intended), so potholes and traffic would be fun until you get to Ghevra Turn. Turn left towards the Najafgarh road and the lovely tarmac welcomes you with the pleasant scenic beauty on both sides. Fields were filled with water as I can presume Rice is cultivated here.

As a cyclist, I am still learning to hit the pedal on right road and time. Another thing which every cyclist has to endure is the pain in lower part of your butt. You become "ButtHurt"; "Saddle Sore" "Groin Pain" are quite often the terms used for it. I guess either use a Gel shorts or just make your butt like a stone with more riding. Second one is what I would prefer but it needs time, a lot of it. Practicing to adjust the sitting position and standing up often have helped me till now. "Mard ko Dard nahi hota" would be a wrong metaphor Bachan Sahab, bhut zor se hota hai try cycling.

Back to the chaos now, I mean work from home.

My Cycle

I use BTwin MTB and love it for simplicity.

Story submitted by Rupesh

New to cycling? Read about how to begin your journey here.

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