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Finding roots at the Roots Cafe - Gurgaon

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The delectable food at Roots Cafe is the perfect destination for a long ride

While the food quality remains same throughout the day at Roots Cafe, but somehow the breakfasts are most enjoyable there. I guess the requirement of calories after a long ride is the culprit here.

Four of us rode from west Delhi to the Roots-Cafe Gurgaon for a total distance of around 80 kms. Every kilometre was worth it because of break that included luscious breakfast.

We took a quick break at AeroCity to look around and hydrate ourselves with energy drinks.

While coming back, even my glasses couldn't stop that small piece of paper to attack my eye. So we had to take a quick break and we utilized the moment to hydrate again.

Remember folks, hydration is extremely important for long rides and preferably keep some quick snacks as well. Chocolates or bananas works best.

Our Cycles

I ride a BikeARK fixie which is as pure cycling as it can be. Kapil rides best MTB in its price, the Terrain 10 and Tarun zooms on his Decathlon MTB Rockrider 520. Pawan enjoyed his ride on Firefox Hybrid.

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