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Adventure at Pedalers Village - Gurgaon

Ride to satisfy the adrenaline requirements on a weekend

The Gurgaon-Faridabad road offers extreme adventure for both cyclists and motorcyclists. The weekends are busy with flocks of adrenaline junkies reaching there for soul stirring.

I went to the Pedalers Village which offers both fun and extreme adventure for cycling stunts. I met lot of fellow bikers and it was a thrilling experience for the first time. The ideal bike for this location would be a BMX but I managed with my Btwin 520. A few falls here and there could not deter me to enjoy the well earned ride to this awesome location. Highly recommended for cyclists looking for pure fun.

My Bike

I ride a BTWin Rockrider 520 MTB which is good value for money especially for adventures at places like Pedalers Village.

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