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Search for a Helicopter in the muddy Monsoon

Nestled in the outskirts of Delhi, the Rohini Helipad is a great destination for bikers

The game of hide and seek aptly connects to the Delhi monsoon. After a full week of sunshine, finally on Saturday evening the mighty clouds brought some rains and respite to us Delhites. This set the perfect occasion to ride on the tarmac in Delhi.

Three of us set out for Rohini Helipad which is located in the outskirts of Delhi. The roads leading to this place are nice except few patches where things got a bit muddy. A nice shower after the rides anyway doesn't hurt the bikes during monsoon.

We met many fellow bikers who had come to the helipad for ride and possibly a look at the helicopter. There was no helicopter ride planned at that time, so we simply clicked the pics for you lovely fellow.

The sad moment when we found that no Helicopters are there.

Our Cycles

I personally ride a BikeARK fixie which is as pure cycling as it can be. My friend Tarun rides a Decathlon MTB Rockrider 520 which is actually better suited for some of the roads there. Pawan cycled the hybrid Firefox which is good for both worlds.

Ride Date - 09-Aug-2020

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